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This is a 10km walk from Millom via Ghyll Scaur and The Hill. It involves walking alongside the busy A5093 for a few hundred metres, from the entrance to the Ghyll Scaur quarry to The Hill, a village. Otherwise it is pretty safe and quiet.

Start at the railway bridge in Millom, crossing to the old railway hotel.
Cross the main road and walk towards Festival Road, then cross the green and into Trinity Road.

Here you will find the entrance to a path that will take you to the ancient church.

Follow the path past the church, between the castle and the school, then reach a fairly fast road. You need to turn left and walk to the farm about 350 metres away. It's best to cross this road. You can walk on the grass but it's heavy going. However, if you stick to the road you may wish to jump onto the grass bank every time a vehicle approaches (which can be quite often).

Turn left at the farm and walk up the hill about half a kilometre. There is some traffic on this road (mainly farm) but not much and it tends to move reasonably slowly.
At the top of the hill find this sign pointing to a very nice path, almost a road, leading to a gate about half a kilometre away. Go through the gate and at the top of the hill you will find a crossing point on the wall to the right of the path.

Climb up it and get into the Ghyll Scaur wood, a rather sickly mainly pine forest. This is a good point to stop and lament the fact that a few hundred years ago this used to be a forest of Oaks filled with deer.

Follow the path for about a kilometre, until you come to the opening below, leading to the car park. Turn right and walk towards the main road. Here, unfortunately, you have to take you life in your hands.

The picture below shows the A5093/Ghyll Scaur junction. Turn left and up the hill for about 200 or 300 metres on the A5093 until you get past the sign for the village (The Hill).

The path you need to take is on the right hand side of the A5093, not far past the maudlin display of flowers. It's easy to spot it if you know it. If you don't it looks like a path to the back garden. But it isn't. It leads straight down to Aggie's Loomin. If you look back there's a sign telling you not to follow you Sat Nav and go the way you have already been. What better recommendation can there be (so long as you are not driving).

There is one fairly sharp corner in the road and you pass the path to Green Road on the left, but basically you follow the road to the level crossing.
Turn left along Aggie's Loomin and take the left fork. It's about 2km to the community track at Millom School.

At the boundary of the running track the path turns right follow it for a couple of hundred metres through a farm.

And you are at the footpath sign.Turn left here towards St George's Church (you can't miss it) and Millom.
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