Crane in ditch   
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It sounded absurd. It couldn't possibly be true? Even the cock up kings at the LVRPA couldn't possibly lose a crane on the marshes? But a crane had been stranded. Somehow they had managed to let a very large vehicle slip into a ditch.

This is what John Kindness wrote: "I saw something tonight that I feel everyone should know about. A HUGE crane has collapsed into a ditch from the path that runs along the east side of Springfield marina .

"What this ridiculously heavy piece of machinery was doing in a nature reserve I can't possibly imagine, but to get it out of there they are going to need something else at least that size. It will probably do a lot of damage in the process.

"It is interesting that ''ponds and ditches' are on the agenda for the next Walthamstow Marshes Site Management Workshop. Hopefully they will have removed this colossal piece of equipment by then, and will explain to everyone what it was doing there in the first place.

"I gave up going to forum meetings after the 2012 basketball court fiasco when LVRP dug up half of Leyton Marsh. It seems they have learned little in the meantime."
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