Sir Thomas Phillips

Sir Thomas Phillips seems to have been a professional antiquarian or historical researcher in the 19th century. He got involved with the Brind family producing a number of family trees. See David Brind's study.

Some of his records are in the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Museum in Devizes. For some reason this also includes a study of the Brinds in Aldbourne. I can not recall seeing it, though since I remember looking at the Wiltshire Musterings in the same collection, I evidently went there at some time. (Jonathan Brind). Reference is made to correspondence with this museum at this link.

In a letter from A W Brind dated 1910 (when he was over 70) reference is made to the connection to Sir Thomas Phillips.

In The Goddards of North Wilts (Richard Jefferies 1848-1887) it says "the Goddards, of Cliffe, are connected with the Reads of Ramsbury and with the family of Sir Thomas Phillips, of Cheltenham, the celebrated antiquary and archaeologist-- many of whose ancesters are commemorated by inscriptions in Cliffe Pypard Church." See Brind/Goddard connection.

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