Sam Kingston's story
1 Longcroft Lane

W G City

Sunday 22 Oct 95 9.15 AM

Dear Arthur

We have just returned from swimming and I suppose I should be in the gaden but I already feel a little weary before I start. Why?

We went for an extra long walk yesterday halfway on the way to Rosemary's house. We struck off the road at Bovingdon Green -- Flaunden onto Ley Hill common.

Half way we had to cross a golf course than follow a path through a wood, at a T-junction a footpath T. jnction turn right and as the path descends veer left. At this point Grandma with maps, compass, past knowledge etc insists we turn left which we did to get lost.Eventually we found our path some miles further along after crossing fields, pulling down three lots of barb-wire andthe 6 miles walk must have been eight at least


But it was all very enjoyable.

There is always more fun when you are not sure where you are, I also like hearing folk reading a map to suit what they think is the correct way. I do myself occasionally.

But how are you? Sorry I mucked up the time for that football match that you phoned me about. But don't give up hop you will train convert me eventually.

We are off to the Film Society tonight to see "Scent of Green Papaya" which won a lot of awards at the Film Festival in Cannes.

Tomorrow to Rosemary to help with Vicky's party.

I haven't herd much about school, don't be tempted to relax. There are so many things that I haven't a clue about I wish I had never stopped been taught.

Hope things are going well.