Rottenberry Census information. Plus some information about stray Kents (probably not related)
1841 Census for Bickington (Parish of Fremington) H0 107/221/2
George Rottenberry 65 Ag lab Born in county
Dinah Rottenberry 60   Born in county
John Rottenberry 20 Blacksmith's Ap(rentice) Born in county
Judith Symons 65 Ind(ependent) Born in county
George Fishley 70 Potter Born in county
Jane Fishley 60   Born in county
Fanny Fishley 20   Born in county
Honour Fishley 15 Bonnet m(aker) Born in county
1841 Census for Bickington (Parish of Fremington) H0 107/221/2

1841 Census for Bickington North Lane (Parish of Fremington) H0 107/221/2
William Rottenberry 20 Mason Born in county
Mary Rottenberry 25   Born in county
William Rottenberry 2   Born in county
I tracked down this Kent family, obtaining census data and a birth certificate. However, it seems to me that they are probably not relatives at all!
Registration district Stockbridge
1875 Birth in the Sub-district of Broughton in the Counties of Southampton and Wilts
No When and
where born
Name, if any Sex Name and surname
of father
Name, surname and
maiden surname of mother
Occupation of father Signature, description and
residence of informant
When registered Signature of registrar Name entered after
81 Sixth May 1875
Over Wallop Hants
Henry John Boy William Bridger Kent Emily Kent
a farmer Emily Kent
Over Wallop
Eleventh June
James Bacon
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