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Carl Brind asked:Does anyone know who H Brind is who played for Southend United 51/52 season and Chelsea 53/54 season (11 appearances and 1 goal)...Midweek League. The Mid-Week League or London Mid-Week League was a league competition that was effectively a third-team competition played in the 1930s. Following the Second World War, it was resurrected with Chelsea competing between 1953/4 and 1959/60. Following the Second World War the competition appears to have been re-formed but this time purely for Football League teams. Along with Chelsea, other teams at that time included Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Millwall, Portsmouth, Queens Park Rangers, Southend United, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, and West Ham United.
What were the mysterious "war operations" certified by A de W Raken MD on the death certificate of Mary Ann Brind, dated October 1940? She seems to have died at 25 Weltje Road, Hammersmith, but was this road bombed?
William Brind (18/3/1849-15/12/1912) was described as an Oil hawker/ carman in the various censuses. This makes him sound like a market trader. But he was wealthy enough to bother to have a will and his widow's death certificate describes her former husband as a colourman. I am not exactly sure what a colourman was but I think it was someone who sourced high quality paints for fine artists. However, some in his family worked in the tile business (for example his son William who was a tile merchant) so I wonder if 'colourman' had anything to do with the building trade? The question is: what was a colourman?
William Brind's (18/3/1849-15/12/1912) death certificate says he died in the street and there was an inquest. Was this inquest (on 17th December 1912) reported in the local press, specially the West London Observer?

For punctual attendance during the school year ended A.D. 1901
Who was C Brind? Was this Constance Brind (born 1888)? She certainly had the right name for it.

The following was in the Times and Telegraph 10 Nov. 2020: BRIND.-Harry, C.M.G, died peacefully at home on 3rd November. Beloved husband of the late Barbara, father of Oliver and Clare and grandfather of Ellen, Ben, Dominic and Oscar.
In 2021 a Brind photograph album dating back to 1871 turned up. All the people actually named as Brinds could be identified, but one lady, a Mrs James Tichell or Tickell remains a mystery. Who was she?
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