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This is a list of videos on my Youtube channel that have hacking as a theme.
20170402 Hackers lock Dvd in harassment campaign
Hackers lock Dvd in harassment campaign
No-one has the right to pester, badger and harass by hacking into computers. Governments may give 'intelligence' agencies the right to tap into computer systems in order to discover information. That's surveillance. But harassment is illegal and immoral and it's time to stop it no matter who's doing it.
20170406 Hackers attack dumb phone
Hackers attack dumb phone
Hackers don't just target computers. They also have in their sights any equipment that can be connected to the internet by wi fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet cable. In the not too distant future that will include your fridge, cooker, air conditioning, utilities, heating and possibly even your electric tooth brush. What they can do is terrifying and they are flexing their muscles now, corrupting, subverting and harassing. It's time to stop the hackers.
20170414 Hackers attack modem
Hackers attack modem
You might think of hacking as something that happens to computers. Not any more. Today even the humble modem is a target for the malevolent social retards. This video reveals more about the harassment campaign being waged against me.
20170411 Hackers use Popups and tempt me to use Flash
Hackers use Popups and tempt me to use Flash
Flash is now a tool that is widely used by hackers, so it was no surprise that the forest of popups put onto my screen by hackers included insistence that I get Flash. Of course, what is really going on is illegal disruption and harassment.
20170419 Cybercrime & Today
Hackers CyberCrime and Today
I spent hours working on a laptop that I plan to take to show some videos. Although I re-installed the OS, completely wiping everything from the machine and used a modem that had a high level of firewall, somehow hackers managed to get in to it and sabotage it. If you upload videos to Youtube you can download MP4 versions but when I tried to run these on VLC, they wouldn't work. I read online material that said Youtube MP4s don't run on VLC. So I tried to download alternative video playing softw
20180506 Sex & the security services
Sex & the Security Services
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20220207 Sir John Sawers: How we disrupt people's lives
SirJohn: How we disrupt people's lives
MI6 Sir John Sawers (Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), from November 2009 until November 2014) on R4's T oday Programme (2021 04 19) reveals that they disrupt and harass anyone they feel like picking on, without using any judicial process.
20230518 Hackers blocking Google (and Youtube)
Just been through my Google Account settings and it says there is no passkey. Yet I have spent about an hour trying to sync Chrome using a Titon security key and was put into a constant loop. I keep ticking the box saying trust these browsers. You never do.
20230219 Hackers disrupt Google search
Hackers screwing with Google search in Google Chromebook
I'm using a Chromebook and you have to be signed in to Google in order to use it. But the constant harassment I get includes a block on my conducting a simple Google search. Yes my Chromebook has been hacked despite the fact that I change my password frequently.
20221112 Still getting hacked, still pissed off
Hackers think it is clever to block use of Google search engine in a Google Chrome Book. It isn't.
It just doesn't happen that you get blocked from using the Google search engine. Clearly this pop up screen is designed to frustrate usage of Google or possibly it is actually some evil system that if you click on you enable control of your computer to some hacker. So why doesn't Google allow you to close Chrome or in some way sidestep this evil pop up?
Bettaney, the MI5 operative who spent years in jail, is discussed on QI as broadcast on Dave on February 23, 2023. This was probably shown on BBC some time earlier.
20230108 Apple Recovery Key blocked
Apple Recovery Key doesn't work
Apple Recovery Key doesn't work
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20230611 Twitter blocked again
For months possibly years I have been finding it impossible to use Twitter. Every time I tried to log in there would be some problem. And then quite recently I started to be able to use Twitter without any problems. I just clicked on the logo and I was straight in. But it didn't last. Today I have repeatedly changed my password in an attempt to enter Twitter. This is always difficult because the codes sent by Twitter to enable a password change never come through. But using a backdoor method (Fasthosts Webmail) I got the Twitter code. It still didn't work. When I changed my password that wasn't accepted. I have been round this loop several times today. This video shows the latest attempts.
20180420 4Ds:Deceit & reputation destruction: Deny, Distrupt, Degrade, Deceive (includes video about blacklisting)