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Claire Weiss posted the following on Facebook
This link is to the results from the summer consultation on Cross Rail 2, just received. Of particular relevance to Lea Marshes is the possible siting of a tunnel portal on some part of the Marshes.
That is still on the cards and would take place if the Angel - Hackney - Tottenham option is chosen. The current consultation reveals that more respondents preferred that option. However TfL say that more details will be prepared prior to the further consultation in 2015.
The summary of the attached consultation results is given as:
"Options north of Angel
Considering the option of whether both Hackney Central and/or Dalston Junction are served by Crossrail 2, the 3,841 respondents who selected a preference show a balance of support between the three options:
  1. Φ 31% of respondents supported the 2013 option with Crossrail 2 serving both stations
  2. Φ 21% of respondents supported Crossrail 2 serving Hackney Central
  3. Φ 21% of respondents supported Crossrail 2 serving Dalston Junction.
  4. Φ 38% of stakeholders responded to this question. The most popular option among the stakeholders is to serve both Hackney Central and Dalston Junction with over half the stakeholders who responded preferring this."

(October 28, 2014)
Click on link to see full detail. The maps do not seem to me to have changed at this stage.
Maurice Strawbridge-Ho has produced the above composite map by imposing a diagram published in July 2014 on a web site consulting about Crossrail 2 (see right) on top of a Google Map. It appears that Crossrail 2 is to be tunnelled underneath the railway line on the marshes , shown as LBWF (Waltham Forest) on the Crossrail map. See

Perhaps the idea is that Crossrail will actually run along the line of the existing railway (doubling the size) or perhaps the new railway is to be buried with Crossrail 2? This stretch of rail is called the Coppermill Junction (named after the Coppermill stream and Coppoermill Lane ).

Maurice Strawbridge-Ho reports that he's been in touch with TfL and received the following extremely curious response: "Unfortunately, the maps on the website are the ones we are working with at present. The consultation we are running is on the principle of the route taking a couple of different alignments through the area. Once we have gained support in principle or a preference from the general public on a particular route, we will design a more detailed map for people to comment on. We have not done that level of detail yet as it would take too long and cost too much money to do it for all the options we still have. If we get a more detailed plan and route produced, this would be further consulted on next year, probably towards the end of 2015, giving people the opportunity to see a detailed plan and also impacts on the local area. I hope that helps."

This was sent by Gary Murphy, Consultation Specialist, Consultation Delivery Team, Transport for London, 11G9, Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ

It is, of course, impossible for anyone to give a considered view about the Crossrail 2 route if they don't actually know where it's going and Ordnance Survey sells electronic maps for all parts of the UK for just a few thousands per region, a very small sum for TfL, so it should be extremely easy for them to provide detailed maps if they want to do so.

This is the second tunnelling project planned for the marshes in recent years. The first was proposed by National Grid, see this link .

In the absence of hard information there were suspicions in August 2014 that the Crossrail 2 plans may have had a profound affect on the Lea Bridge Station re-opening .
In August 2014 the Little Triangle was sealed off and in the absence of any official information there was speculation that this might have something to do with Crossrail.
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