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Appendix 4

Notable Brinds

Alan Brind (not my father) won the Young Musician of the Year. His father was also a Walter Brind and came from a long line of Walter Brinds.

Alfred Brind a well known character in Highworth referred to in a book called Highworth & About by P J (Jack) Archer.

Anthony Brin, sentenced to transportation in March 1728, Hampshire.

Bill Brind,
Bryony Brind, born 1960, the ballerina is a relative of General Sir James Brind. Her father was a marine who was badly wounded in Aden. One of David's relatives.
Clarence Brind, sailor & entomologist.                  

David Brind
Major General Sir (Edward?) Brind, who was photographed by Jabez Hughes on the Isle of Wight in 1870.

Donald Malcolm Brind, journalist, and others. Failed to quash the ban on IRA supporters speaking in broadcasts, in an appeal to the House of Lords in February 1991.
Brigadier Frederic Brind, (1802-1857) who joined the Bengal Artillery in about 1822. He was repeatedly mentioned in despatches during the First and Second Sikh wars of 1845/6 and 1848/9 and died during the Indian Mutiny of 1857. A relative of David.

Frederick William Brind, Esquire, the Court Lodge, Chelsfield, Kent, claimed a crest consisting of a dester cubit arm erect holding the head of a broken spear, all proper. Nil sine labore. Mentioned in Fairbairn's Book of Crests, TC & EC Jack, London WC, 34 Henrietta St. 1905.

George Walter Richard Brind, Secretary General Stock Exchange 1971-75.b.13 Oct 1911. Son of late Walter Charles and late Mary Josephine m. 1942 Joyce Graham. Two daughers.

Address 7 Amberley Close,Send, Woking, Srrey. Phone Guildfordd 223762. Died 13 June 1988.
Freddie & James Brind drummer boys in the Gordon Highlanders before they were captured by the Japanese.
Also note fictional drummer boy (Ingoldsby legend) turned into a radio play, based on Salisbury plain and naming two brothers called Brand.
Gemma Brind Ballroom dance competitor at national level.

Harry Brind, Head groundsman at The Oval.
Harry's son Paul, also a successful groundsman.
Accession held in the University of Melbourne Archives

Brind's Limited.

Merchants and Liquor Distillers located at Ballarat

Historical Note: Henry Brind, an English Chemist, became Secretary at Myers' Ballarat Distillery in 1870, and later acquired it as Henry Brind and Company. It was one of Victoria's oldest registered companies. The business was restructured in 1914, and in 1922 merged to become part of Federal Distillers Pty. Ltd., and ultimately United Distillers Pty. Ltd. of Corio.

Ira Brind, president of Brind Investments Inc., which specializes in private equity, real estate and hedge funds. He is an investment advisor for North Castle Partners and CMS Companies. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania ( A.B., 1963 ) and University of Pennsylvania Law School ( J.D., 1967 ), he is the former CEO of Brind Leasing Corporation, a truck leasing company.
General Sir James Brind (1808-1888) of the Royal (Bengal) Artillery who died in 1888, who played a memorable part in the siege of Delhi in 1857.

Educated at East India Company's College Addiscombe. 2nd Lieut Bengal Artillery 1827. Captain 1845.Major 1856. Colonel 1861. Major-general 1867. Royal Artillery 1877. Distinguished himself at Siege ofDellhi 1857. C.B. 1858. Commanded division Bengal Army 1873-8. A relative of David.

General Sir John Edward Spencer Brind (1878-1954). A relative of David.

The Battle of Agincourt happened in 1415 and a Brind may have been one of the archers. An online database reveals that

Simon Brynde an Archer served under Sir John Blount with the commander Humphrey, the Duke of Gloucester on an expedition to France in 1417. Maybe he just missed Agincourt, maybe he went on the earlier campaign as well. Anyway the reference number is TNA_E101_51_2 (membrane m6). The source for this info is

James Brine Tolpuddle Martyr.                                                                
See Swing Riots for more about Brind connections to agricultural riots.

Brindley, James {brin'li} English engineer (1716-1772). With Thomas Telford, John McAdam, and John Metcalfe, Brindley was one of the first generation of engineers who brought about improvements in methods of transport, so essential to the industrial society emerging during the 18th century. Born in Derbyshire, he was apprenticed to a millwright and so brought into contact with the technological problems of the times. Though he had little education, he overcame this handicap by his ability to put across his schemes in drawings and sketches.

He set up in business on his own in 1742, draining mines and improving the pumps operated by steam engines.

In 1759 he was asked by the Duke of Bridgewater to direct the construction of a canal from Worsley to Manchester. Brindley revised the projected route and stopped water seeping away by using puddled clay for the canal bed. The brilliant success of this canal, which established his reputation, inaugurated the canal-building mania of the late 18th century.

Even if financial resources were somewhat over committed, a means had been found to transport the raw materials and manufactured goods of the Industrial Revolution cheaply and safely long before there was any means of carrying bulk commodities by rail and much longer still before it was possible by road.

Brindley went on to build about 300 miles of canal, including the Grand Trunk Canal, linking Manchester with the Potteries, Derby, and Birmingham.
See Eminent Engineers, for the story of James Brindley.

'Squire' John Brind of Liddington Manor, died in 1866 at the age of 92, still a bachelor.

Joan Evelyn Brind (Madame Lalagia) 1907 - 1999. Ballerina, Spanish dancer and author.

Mr J and Maria Fitz Brind, . The Brind Mansion was built in 1908 for Mr. and Mrs. J. Fitz Brind. Mr. Brind owned extensive mining interests which included substantial ownership in the Butterfly-Terrible Mining Company.

Dr Joel Brind Professor of biology who believes abortions lead to breast cancer.

Matthew Brind

Julian Brind, MW, a master of wine (probably from Waitrose).

Julian has 40 years' experience in the wine trade. In 1967 he won both a Bourse de Voyage Scholarship and the Vintners Scholarship. He passed his Master of Wine examination in 1970 and joined Waitrose the following year. Julian has been Vice Chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine and was Chairman in 1993. He was also Chairman of the Institute's Examining Panel for many years and President of the Wine and Spirit Association in 2002. Julian is now a Consultant for Waitrose.

Mrs (Mary?) Brind, Wife of Walter Brind, goldsmith, Foster Lane. 11 Jan 1791 (Gentleman's Magazine 93).

Mary Brind, Brind who predicted her death, bought a coffin and waited in her room

Paul & Honor Brind run a guest house called Burrow Hall at Staveley, near Kendal, Cumbria, part of the lake district.

Matthew Brind, a composer and musical director for West End hits.

Admiral Sir (Eric James) Patrick Brind, (1892-1963).

Educated: Osborne & Dartmouth. Midshipman 1909 at Battle ofJutland 1916. Captain 1933. Chief of staff to commander in chief home fleet, 1940. Involved in destruction ofBismarck 1941. C.B. 1944. Served in Pacific Fleet 1944-6. K.C.B. 1946 Organised escape of Amethyst from Yangtse. G.B.E. 1951. NATO 1951-3. A relative of David.
Percy Brind, a Sergeant , who died at Ladysmith during the Boer War in South Africa. One of David's relatives.

Richard Brind, educated as a chorister of St Paul's Cathedral. He afterwards became organist of the cathedral (1707-1718) and died a bachelor in March, 1718. Buried in the vaults of St Paul's. There is a record in the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Museum in Devizes (R.Vol XLVIII) of a chorister and/ or scholar at a school in Salisbury Close in 1696 called Richard Brind.

Val Brind can be seen on UK TV, Monday through till Fri 7pm -2am (or there abouts) on smartliveblackjack.com - SKY CHANNEL 869. If you don't have Sky, you can still view it via the web site. It may be an idea to log in and have BRND somewhere in your username so she knows you are a fellow Brind.

Vanessa Brown /Tessa/Smylla Brind, was a Hollywood actress who was said to be embarrassed about being smart..

William Brind, who set up the Brind Charity to create a night school.

Susan Brind Morrow. Author and translator of Arabic poetry, her first book, The Names of Things: A Passage in the Egyptian Desert, was one of three finalists for the PEN/Martha Albrand Award for the Art of the Memoir for 1997. She then wrote The Hum of Bees, A Civilization Made of Flowers, Wax and Light for Harper's in August of 1998. Her second book Wolves and Honey: A Hidden History of the Natural World, published in 2004, was about the Finger Lakes Region of New York state where she lives on a farm.

Walter Lannoy Brind author of The Land of Prosperity. A few words of the greatest value to young men and women in England who find that country too small and who wish to make money and get the best out of life. By one who has done it [With a portrait]. Liggett & Gagnier Detroit [1906].

Captain William Darby Brind (Whaler) one of the first pioneers in the north island of New Zealand owned considerable land at Kororarike (now Russell) in 1836. He was probably the first person to discover gold in the north island (in 1823).


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Professor F M L Thompson's Hampstead: Building a Borough 1650-1964 (1974)

The Heart of a Village, an intimate history of Aldbourne by Ida Gandy ISBN 0-86299-874-3

Date Name Data Ref
1188 Brend(le) A place in Yorkshire La Brend 1254 LeBrend(e) 1289 A H Smith's The Placenames of the East Riding of Yorkshire & York (English Placename Society vol (XIV)
C1200 Henricus B Lived in reign of King John (1199-1216) Sir Thomas Phillipps?
  Thomas Brend Granted land at Rusteshall (Rushall) Wilts WRs Hungerford Canterbury Vol XLIX page 57 para 220
1220-C1250 Thomas Brend Witness at Rushall Wilts --"--- page 59, para 225
  Thomas Brend Rushall boundary Wilts ---"--- page 59, para 227
  Thomas Brend Witness at Rushall Wilts ---"---para 59, para 228
  Thomas Brend Rushall boundary Wilts ---"---para 60, para 333
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C 13 Cent Adam Brende
Geoffrey Brends
Henry Brende
Manor of Inkpen, Berks Berks Record Office
Personal Names Index
D/EC. M67, 68, T18/9-12, 18/18-21, 18/5-13, 18/14-15-19

14TH Century
Date Name Data Ref
1303 Walter Brende In Salisbury Castle gaol for robbery near Bristol, Bradford & Marlebury (at 437 he is shown at Walter Brend(e) WRS Vol XXXIII-Gaol Delweay & Trailbaston page 89 para 387 96/428 96/429, 97/437
1304 Walter Brende Stealing at Wyteparsshe, Wilts & Faythamp (?), Hants- hanged WRS Vol XXXIII ---"--- page 99, para 464
1310 John Brende Stony Stratford, Bucks Calendar of Patent Rolls Vol IV E2 page 308 para 1310
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1327 Symon le B Rebuilding of Corfe Castle Sir Thomas Phillips?
1339 Simon Breynde Rushall Wilts boundary WRS Vol XLIX Hungerford Canterbury page 67, para 259
1341 Thomas del Brende Beverle Yorkshire Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol V page 211
Date Name Data Ref
1361 John del Brend Yorkshire Calendar of Patent
Rolls Vol XII E3
page 150
para 1361
1363 Henry Brende Baltonesburgh (possibly Baltonsborough?), Somerset ---"--- page 426
para 1363
1364 Simon Brende Propery at Rushall passes to kinswomen WRS Vol XLIX Hungerford
Canterbury page 69
partas 268, 269
1371 William Brende Dartmore, Devon Calendar of Patent
Rolls E3 Vol XV
page 172
1394 Richard Brende
William Brende
Hold land in Manor of Santon (Colyngbourne Suthampton) WRS Vol XLI Feet of
Fines 1377-1509
page 36, para 171
1399 Brynde Place in Yorkshire Calendar of Patent
R2 Vol VI page 479

15th Century
Date Name Data Ref
C1400 John, Walter Roger B Men, horses, billmen, pikemen and harness raised to help in the war against France Sir Thomas Phillipps
1460 Simon B Rushall Sir Thomas Phillipps?
1460 Simon B Wanborough Sir Thomas Phillipps?
1461 Henry Brende London Calendar of Fine Rolls EIV, HVI page 17
1482 John Brend Senior Quitclaim on property in Highworth Wilts WRO 1337/6
1484 Brynde Manor of Brynde, Wressle, Yorkshire Class Rolls EIV EV, RIII page 365 para 1225, page 379, para 1353
1487 Richard Brynd Wanborough Sir Thomas Phillipps 9TP1866, Caps 6. 19/1 folio 55 No66 ?Dept of Painted Books Bodleian Library
1493 William Brend Norfolk, Suffolk Caldar of Fine Rolls Vol XXII page 195 para 471
1497 John Brynde Husbandman of Southampton Grant & Quitclaim on property in Highworth, Wilts WRO 1337/7

16th Century
Date Name Data Ref
1514 John Brynde Inquisition at Wilton, Wilts WRS Vol XXVIII
Extants of Debts E1-E1
page 49, para 62
1539 Thomas Bryne Wanborough- Harness North Wilts Mustering
1539 Richard Brends Elcombe-- Bill North Wilts Mustering
1539 Thomas Brynde Alderbourne- Archer North Wilts Mustering
1539 Richard Brynde Highworth, Harnes/td> North Wilts Mustering
1539 John Bryn Bill, sword, Dagger North Wilts Mustering
1539 Edmund Brynde Marston- Horse, Harnes North Wilts Mustering
1543 Edmund Brynde Marston, Wilts will PROB 11/29
1543 Thomas B Wanborough purchased Stanton Fitzherbert Manor Sir Thomas Phillipps?
1544 Rychard Brynde
Thoms Brinde
John Brinde

Anthony Brinde
Alderbourne Wilts
Wanborough Wilts
Wanborough, orphan in care
of Thoms Brinde
Wanborough- orphan
Ley Subsidy Roll -
Sir Thomas Phillipps
(Phillipps Robinson C289
New Bodleian Library
page 52-53)
1545 Thomas Brynde
John Brynde
Joan Brynde
William Brynde
Elizabeth Brynde
Jane Brynde Junior
Wanborough Wilts
Ogbourne St George Wilts
South Marston Wilts
WAS Vol X pares 22,
23, 24 List of
(Sir Thomas Phillipps at
C289 shows a John
Brynd m hes last at
Elcombe & Saltrope)
1548 Thomas Brynde Grants his land at Castleton, Wilts, to John Goddard Calendar of Patent Rolls
IC Vol XII page 372

16th Century
Date Name Data Ref
1548 John Brende Esq Kings servant. Grant of annuity for Life Calendar of Patent
Rolls EV1 Vol 1
page 290
1548 Thomas Brend Essex ---"--- page 276
1548 Thomas Brende London Scyrvenor Grant of late chantry & lands in Cumberland ---"--- Vol II page 70
1548 Thomas Brend Chantry grant-- Hoorton Kirby page ---"--- page 72
1549 John Brende arrears of annuity ---"---- page 239
1550 Robert Brend Norfolk ---"--- page 266
1550 Thomas Brynd Wanborough - Wilts Grant of land __"___ Vol III page 202
1551 Brend A place in Lancashire ---"--- Vol V page 360
1553 Brynde Manor of Brynde, Yorkshire ---"--- page 180/181
1553 William Brynde Cornwall ---"--- page 105
1555 William Brynd Inquisition at Crycklade (of South Marston?) WRS Vol XXVIII Extents for Debts page 68 para 81
1557 Brend Manor of Brend alias Brynd, Wresell, Yorkshire Calendar of Patent Rolls M Vol IV page 180
1557 Joan Brynde Marston, Wilts-- will PROB 11/39
1558 Thomas Brend London - writer of court hand Calendar of Patent Rolls M Vol IV page 238
1558 John Brende Esq Master of Berwick ---"--- pages 12,71
1558 John Brynde Son & heir of Thoams Brynde of Wanborough
Licence to enter upon lands as a result of Thomas's death
Calendar of Patent Rolls IE Vol I page 97
1558 Thomas Brende Wanborough Wilts Calendar of Inquisition Post Mortem 124/198
999/4 PRO E150/999/4
1559 Thomas Brend Surrey ---"---257/68
1562 John Brende Wanborough Wilts. His property passes to his wife then to his brother Thomas (1536-1577) ---"---132/28 1001/17
PRO E150/1001/17
1567 Atny Bryne
Wyllye Bryne
Tomas Bryne
John Bryne
South Marston Rent Memorial Records 84/34
Court-Book 1579-1663
A 148v, 49r, 49v
Date Name Data Ref
1559 Thomas Brende Scrivenor of London alias Estrgrenewich, Kent ---"--- page 203
1559 John Brynde Licence of alienate property in Stanton Fitzherbert Wilts (john Brynd (1531) - 1562 of Wanborough?) ---"---
1562 John Brinde Gent Wanborough Inquisition Post Mortem PRO E150/1001/17
1566 Thomas Brend London scrivener ---"--- Vol III
page 490 para 2734
1566 Thomas Brynde Licence to alienate manors of Stanton Fitzwarren and Staunton Fitzherbert and lands in Staunton & Marston, Wilts (Thomas Brynd of Wanborough 1536-1577) ---"--- page 362 para 2036
1570 Thomas Brende Thomas and his son Thomas annex manor of Westmalsey, Walton upon Thames ---"--- Vol V page 147
1571 Thomas Brynd
Anthony Brynde
Both of Wanborough, Wilts
Ley Subsidy Roll
Sir Thomas Phillipps
Phillipps Robinson C289 New Bodleian Library
1574/75 Thomas Brynde Wanborough Wilts (1536-1577) Calendar of Patent Rolls.1 E Vol VI
page 338 para 1822
page 394 para 2265
Date Name Data Ref
1574 William Brynde South Marston, Wilts will PROB 11/57
1575 Thomas Brynde Wanborough Wilts (1536-1577)
Licence to alienate land at South Marston & Staunton Fitzherbert
Calendar of Patent Rolls 1E Vol VI para 2363
1576 John Brynd Ogborne St George, Wilts WAS Vol X List of Taxpayers page 102, 104
1576 Thomas Brinde Wanborough Wilts WAS Vol X List of Taxpayers page 102, 104
1576 Anthony Brinde Wanborough Wilts WAS Vol X List of Taxpayers page 102, 104
1577 Thomas Brynde Wanborough murdered (1536-1577) Tower Misc. Rolls 458 Darell Paper folio 55
1578 Thomas Brynde Wanborough Pardon for his muderers Calendar of Patent Rolls 1E Vol VII page 431 para 2863
1578 Thomas Brynde Kent ---"--- page 451 para 2863
1578 Thomas Brende Kent ---"--- page 417 pra 2759
1589 John Brynd Elected constable of Highworth Hundred Wilts WAS Vol IV Minutes of Proceedings in Sessions 1563, 1574-1592 page 131 para 274
1592 John Brende Wanborough Lay Subsidy Roll Sir Thomas Phillipps Phillipps Robinson C289 New Bodleian Library
1595 Thomas Brende Inquisition at Marleborough WRS Vol XXVIII page 149 Extants for Debts E1-E1
1597 John Brynde Wanborough Ley Subsidy Roll Sir Thomas Phillipps C289
1599 Thomas Brynde Wanborough (1536-1577) Inquisition for Debt WRS Vol XXVIII Extents for Debts E1-E1 page 160

Family history story Main index

Mrs Beadle (Bendle?) Wallington, Surrey

Some references to th Brind family. Her mother's maiden name was Brind.
John Brind, borne c.1562 (Wilts) (Alumin Oxon.)
John Brynd, alekeeper, Highworth 1620 (Early tradesmen)
John Brind, Wanborough, 1736 freeholder and voter
John Brind, The Inlands, Wanborough, ditto
William Br. Aldbourne 1770
John, Mary, William 20 acres, Inclosure (Enclosure?) Award, Wanborough
Walter, Highworth, 1780; Wroughton 1796 ditto
John, 280 acres, Liddington, owner and occupier, Tithe Award
Charles Brownlow Brind, eldest son of Charles of Lee, Kent, born c. 1865, Balliol Coll. Oxford
Thomas, Jim, William, 1910 Aldbourne sheepshearers, photo (M. A. Crane, The Aldbourne Chronicle)
(From Lucy's Guides of Marlborough) Aldbourne
1873-85 T. wood and coal merchant
1903-22 T. hay and straw tier; 1925 no occupation
1873-1922 J. (sheep dipper and thatcher)
1926-33 W.J. Back Lane, Butts;
J. market gardener
1947-65 W.J. Box Tree Cottage
1947 W.M. West Street
1947-58 E.M. 4 The Butts
1962 Prudence E. 4 The Butts
1927-39 William, thatcher (Kelly Dir.)
Thoms Brind of Marlborough was attended by Richard Murll of Somerset. Brind had suddenly fallen down in the street and was dead by the time Murll arrived d. 17 Aug. 1816. Inquest in Presentments, p53.

In about 1969 the following table was produced, perhaps by Mrs J P Walker of 1 Redding Drive, Amersham, Bucks HP6 5PX, but more likely by someone else who knew her. She was formerly a Brind and was said to have a family tree back to 1637.The document used to copy the following was a very poor photocopy and there may be mistakes. 1772, for example, looks wrong!
The family Brind
1637Brinds in Aldbourne (Mrs Walker)
1664William Brind lived in cottage in The Green
next door to No 14 (Mr Robertson) (See Deeds of No 14)
1692Thomas Brind bought No 14 The Green for £50
1738Wm Brind son of Thos B sold no 14 to Stephen Warren
1772Wm B listed as a Freeholder entitled to vote
1749Richd B lived in cottage N of Oak
1842Mrs Herefords mother was the wife of a Brind and her Grandfather was John Dewe who worked for W Rowland of Ramsbury. He received a certificate of this date with £2 for rearing a family of 10 with least parochial relief (see Certificate with Mrs Hereford)
1862Wm Brind and Rebecca Lambourn lived at No 14 The Green
1892Thos B member of 1st Parish Council
1895Wm Brind lived in cottage and smithy at the North end of present Blacksmiths row on south St near Bay House and Fashment Bridge
1925Up to this date Thos Brind - Hurdle and Rope Maker lived in the house at bottom of Back Lane
1950 or earliera Brind was the hairdresser at Paddington Station

The following is from a Dicitionary of English Surnames by P H Reanney and R M Wilson.
Brend, Brent, Brind Gilbert Brende 1273 RH (St); Adam Brend, John Brent 1327 SRWo; Hugo le Brent 1279 RH (O); Geoffrey le Brende 1327 SRSf. Brend, Brent and Brind are ME forms of the past participle of OE beornan 'to burn'. 'The burnt', a nickname for a criminal who had been branded. cf.
Henry Brendcheke 1279 AssNb, Cutte Brendhers 1279 RH (C). cf. BRENNAN. (ii) Symon del Brend 1318 FrY. Here brend is used topographically of 'burnt land', hence, 'dweller by the burnt land' as at Brind (ERYorks), Brende 1188 P.v. also BRENT.

The Oxford English Dictionary, Volume I A-B, Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1933, has the following entries:

Brinded (bri-nded), a. arch. Forms; 5 brende, 5-8 brended, 7 breended, 6- brinded. [Primary form app. brended, whence on one side BRANDED, q. v., on the other brinded. Brende, which occurs in Lydgate, is identical with one of the contemporary forms of burnt, burned (see BURN v.) ; nevertheless, taken with the fuller brended, it points to a secondary vb. brend-en, a possible derivative of brand 'burning, brand'.. The sense appears to be ‘marked as by burning’ or 'branding’ . Prof. Skeat compares [cel. brindottr brindled, f. brand fire-brand.] Of a tawny or brownish colour, marked with bars or streaks of a different hue; also gen. streaked, spotted; brindled.

1430 LYDG. Min. Poems 202 On them she wyl have a bonde, As weel of bayard as of brende [rime-wd. rende] And yit for sorelle she wyl stonde. 1496 Bk.St. Albans, Fysshynge 28 A grete brended flye that bredith in pathes of medowes. 1589 GREENE Menaph. (Arb.) 86 Ah, Doron., thou art as white As is my mothers Calfe, or brinded Cow. 1605 SHAKS. Macb. iv. t i Thrice the brinded Cat hath mew'd. 1611 COTGR., Quatrville, diuersified, pide, or breended, streaked with one colour vpon another. 1621 MARKHAM Prev. Hunger (1655) 54 Your brended Cattell haue euer the goodliest Heads. 1667 MILTON P. L. vn. 466 The Tawnie Lion .. Rampant shakes his Brinded main. 1717 TICKELL Epist. Wks, (1807) 117 Thy brinded boars may slumber undismayed. 1774 JOHNSON West. Isl. Wks. X. 416 They have a race of brinded greyhounds. 1820 SHELLEY Witch Atl. vii, The brinded lioness led forth her young.

Brindle (br-rnd'l), a. and sb. [App. deduced from brindled as if this consisted of brindle + -ed.]

1676 Lond. Gaz. No..1145/4 A . .'white Mastiff Dog with half his face brindle, and large brindle spots on his sides. 1765 TUCKER Lt. Nat. I. 497 Two fine cows, one brindle and the other white, 1807-8 W. IRVING Salmag. xviii (1860) 403 The old lady .. lost,. a brindle cow. 1862 Sat. Rev. 5 July 19 The longhorned [English cattle]..of which brindle or brindle and white are common colours. 1886 Engineer I Oct. 265 The quotation of brindle bricks at date is about 18s. per 1000.

B. sb. a. Brindled colour, b. A brindled dog.
1696 Lond. Gaz. No. 3242/4 An old Dutch Mastiff.. of a lightish Brindle. 1710 Ibid. No. 4747/4 Lost.. a Lurcher Bitch, a Brindle with a black Mussel. 1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa (1811) VIII. xli. 156 The artificial jet, however, yielding apace to the natural brindle. 1824 Miss MITFORD Village Ser. i. (1863) 65 Of the three dogs, the first a brindle, the second a yellow.

Brindle, v. dial. 'To be irritated, to show resentment, to bridle up.'
1875 Lanc. Gloss. (E. D. S.) 58 He brindled up as soon as aw spoke to him.

Brindled (bri-nd'ld), a. [A variant of the earlier BRINDED, prob. by assimilation to such words as kindled, mingled, perh. with some feeling of a diminutive sense.] 'Streaked, tabby,marked with streaks' (J.).
1678 Lond. Gaz. No. 1328/4 Lost or stolen..a large light brindled gelt Mastiff Dog. 1718 POPE Iliad xi. 378 The brindled lion, or the tusky boar. 1753 SMOLLETT Ct. Fathom (1784) 116/2 His beard .. was of a brindled hue. 1817 J. SCOTT Paris Revisit, (ed. 4) 100 The mustachoes which hid the expression of the human mouth under a brindled tuft of hair. 1870 EDGAR Runnymede 186 A brindled bull. 1886 Engineer I. Oct. 265 The brindled brick trade..is an important Staffordshire industry.

Brine (brain), sb. Forms : 1 bryne, 3-4 brin, 4 briyn, 4-7 bryne, 6 bryn, (7 broyn), 4-brine. [OE. bryne, brine, corresp. to MDu, brine fem., Du. brijn neuter, also Flem. brijne, brene fem. Ulterior history unknown.]

1. Water saturated, or strongly impregnated, with salt; salt water.
a. 1000 AELFRIC Gloss, in Wr. Wülcker 128 Salsugo, muria, bryne. a 1300 Cursor M. 6348 Sipen pai faand .. Water bitter sum ani brin [v.r. brine, bryne]. 1382 WYCLIF "Jer. xvii. 6 The lond of briyn [1388 saltness]. c 1420 Pallad. on Husb. III. 39 Olde bryne atte tree and vyne a feest is. c 1440 Promp. Parv. 51 Bryne of salt, salsugo. 1544 PHAER Regin. Lyfe (1560) Xijb, Take a good quantity of bryn which is made of water and salt, 1578 LYTE Dodoeus v. xxi 578 They keepe and preserue the leaues .. in brine or pickle. 1626 BACON Sylva $ 790 Broyn, when it is salt enough, will bear an Egg. 1657 W. FENNER 2nd Pt. Christ's Alarm 28 God hath been laying rods in brine for thee. 1669 Phil. Trans. IV. 1063 Six Tuns of Brine yield one tun of Salt. 1753 CHAMBERS Cycl. Supp. s.v.. There is sand found in all the Staffordshire brines after coction. a 1848 MARRYAT R. Reefer ix, Those were the times of large schools, rods steeped in brine {actual fact).

2 The water of the sea ; the sea. (Chiefly poet.) 1598 SYLVESTER Du Bartas i. iii. (1641) 22/1 Such is the German Sea .. and such th' Arabian Brine. 1610 SHAKS. Temp. i. ii. 2II All but Mariners Plung'd in the foaming bryne 1637 MILTON Lycidas 95 On the levrl brine Sleek Panope with all her sisters played . 1738 C. WESLEY Psalms (1765) cxlvii While Monsters.. lash the foaming Brine 1805 WORDSW. Waggoner III. 85 The unluckiest hulk that stems the brine. 1841 LONGF. Ballad Fr. Fleet vii, The great ships, .sank like lead in the brine.

3. = Briny tears, poet.
1592 SHAKS Rom. & Jul. ii. iii. Iesu Maria, what a deale of Brine Hath whasht thy sallow cheekes for Rosaline? 1593 -- Lucr 796 Seasoning the earth with showers of silver brine. 1604 DEKKER Honest Wh. Wks. 1873 II 115. I should be well seasoned, for mine eyes lye in brine.

4. Attrib. and Comb. a. General, as brine-bath, -house, -pit, -spring, -tub, -water, -well; brine-bound, -dripping, -soaked, adjs.

Names of members of the Brind family appearing the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wanborough co Wilts printed by Sir Thomas Philipps 1839
1650Thos 3
1650William 3
1650Jno Snr Junetor
1650Anna nova
1651John the elder Junetor
1651John Gent
1651Agnes nova
1655John Gent Commoner
1655Edward Jurneyman
1655Jno Gent of Knight Hil
1655Mary nova
1655Thos of Shaum
1675Thomas Jurator Gent
1675William Commoner
1675John Commoner Gent
1690Thos Gent Jurater
1690Thos junior
1690Thos Gent junata
1692William jnr Junetor
1692Roger Cutyes
1692Thomas Gent
1696Thomas Gent
1696William Junetor freeholder
1696Katherine Cottager June 10/- Le ditch between the Inn and Callis Gate to be cleaned
1696John junior resident
1700Roger Cottager without 4 acres ????
1700Mary ???????
1700John left lying by Ann Parva
1706Mary owned Cottage without House
1709John junata
1710John Gent junator freeholder
1710Maria juneta
1710Cawlus junetor
1711John Gent juneter
1711Cawlus junetor

The above table from the Court Rolls of Wanborough is very hard to read. Numerous mistakes can be expected.


This index is available on numerous microfilms but it must be said that many of these are poor in quality and some cards cannot be read with certainty.
The films were searched for Brind and variants (as detailed) for entries to 1610. I also noted later entries if the detail on the card suggested a link with the area around South Marston. The entries are listed under each variant in the order in which they have been filmed: as you will see there is no logical sequence!
C21 F2/15: 1634 Thomas Brind (2) Wanborough, Wilts., Gent., 72yrs
C21 W14/3: 1617 John Brinde Aldborne, Wilts., husbandman, 68yrs
C21 F2/15: 1634 Brind (2) Wanborough, Wilts., Gent., 72yrs
C24 26/H: 1547-1553 Thomas Brend
REQ2 v. 1, p. 484: 1558-1602 Thomas Brend
REQ2 v. 1, p. 267: 1558-1602 Thomas Brend
C24 157/B: 1582 Thomas Brend
C24 158/B: 1582/3 Thomas Brend
C24 287/Y: 1601 William Brend
C24 273/K: 1599 William Brend
C24 204/M: 1588/9 Thomas Brend
C24 210/S: 1589 John Brend
C24 226/S: 1591/2 Thomas Brend
C24 250/B: 1590 William Brend
C24 41/B: 1554-1558 Thomas Brend
C24 33/B: 1552-1554 Thomas Brend
C24 29/B?: 1547-1553 Thomas Brend
C24 59/C?: 1562/3 Thomas Brend
C24 113/C: 1574 Thomas Brend
C24 147/B: 1580/1 Thomas Brend
C21 D23/10: l?l8 William Brend Farrlngdon, Berks., Gent., 50yrs
Cl v. 4, p»314: 1500-1515 Robert Brend
Cl v. 3, p. 289: 1485-1500 John Brend
C3 v. 1, p. 212: 1558-1579 John Brend
C3 V.I, p. 18: 1558-1579 Thomas Brend
C24 36/B?:1555-1558 Thomas Brende
REQ2 v. 1, p. 149: 1553-1558 Thomas Brende
REQ2 v. 1,p. 127: 1553-1558 John Brende
C24 167/B: 1583/4 Thomas Brende
C24 140/W: 1580 Thomas Brende
C24 259/D: 1597/8 William Brende
C24 50/B: 1560 Thomas Brende
Brende continued:
C24 45/M: 1554-1558 Thomas Brende
C24 47/K: 1559 Thomas Brende
Cl v. 4, p.78: 1500-1515 Richard Brende
C24 58/M: 1562 Thomas Brende
C24 80?/H: 1567 Thomas Brende
C24 143/A: 1580 John Brende
C24 182/S: 1585/6 Thomas Brende
C24 164/B: 1584/5 Thomas Brende
C24 365/D: 1611 William Brende
Cl v. 2, p.525: 1468-1485 Henry Brende
Cl v. 5, p.418: 1518-1529 William Brende
STAC1-4 v.1, p. 255: 1509-1546 Robert Brende
STAC1-4 v.1, p. 56: 1509-1546 Nicholas Brende
C3 v. 1 p.301: 1558-1579 Thomas Brende
C3 v. 1 p.383: 1558-1579 Thomas Brende
C3 v. 1 p.285: 1558-1579 Thomas Brende or Brynde
C3 v. 1 p.57: 1558-1579 Thomas Brende
C3 v. 1 p.22: 1558-1579 Thomas Brende
C3 v. 2 p.54: 1587-1591 John Brende now C3/222/68
C3 v. 2, p.66: 1587-1591: William Brende
C21 B8/3: 1627 William Brynd Farringdon, Berks., Gent, 60yrs
Cl v. 4 p.222: 1500-1515 Thomas Brynde clerk
Cl v. 4 p.267: 1500-1515 William Brynde
C24 142/B: 1580 Owen Brynde
C3 v. 1 p.28: 1558-1579 Thomas Brynde
C3 v. 1 p.32: 1558-1579 Margaret Brynde
C3 v. 1 p.32: 1558-1579 William Brynde now C3/12/14
C3 v. 1 p.63: 1558-1579 Thomas Brynde now C3/24/19
YC3 v. 1 p.285: 1558-1579 Thomas Brynde or Brende
The following relates to a microfilm of records at the Society only;
Correspondence 1st Ser 725, p. 301: 4 Eliz Thomas Brend
Please note: some of these references will have been located using different sources and can be eliminated from the current researches,
Key to P.R.O. classes cited here:
Cl: Early Chancery Proceedings 1386-1538
C3: Chancery Proceedings Series II 1558-1660
C21: Chancery Depositions Eliz - Chas I 1558-1649
C24: Town Depositions 1534-1800
REQ2: Court of Requests
STAC1-4: Court of Star Chamber

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