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Brind Tel El Kebir War Memorial Cemetery The War Graves Photographic Project
Brind, Frederick Alfred Nelson H.M.S. Trumpeter. Reading Cemetery 1945 The War Graves Photographic Project
BRIND Derek Thomes Sapper 190359 RE (Royal Engineers) 1944 1939 1945 War Memorial Aldbourne (St. Michael) Churchyard
Bayeux War Cemetery
Frank BRIND Private 5624462 2nd Bn. Devonshire Regiment (DCVR) 1944 The War Graves Photographic Project
Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery
George Ambrose BRIND Sergeant 913795 RAF 1943 The War Graves Photographic Project
Barking (Rippleside) Cemetery
Ceuta (Santa Catalina) Municipal Cemetery Spanish Morocco
James Robert BRIND Flight Lieutenant 136327 RAF 166 Sqdn 1943 The War Graves Photographic Project
Hamburg Cemetery
John Leslie BRIND Sapper 200105 510 Field Coy. Royal Engineers (RE) 1944 The War Graves Photographic Project
Groesbeek Memorial
Lorraine Ernest Walter BRIND Sapper 1914330 663 Artisan Works Coy. Royal Engineers (RE) 1940 The War Graves Photographic Project
Dunkirk Memorial
Max Brind Able Seaman MEMORIAL ID 13287788 While working on my Brind line here in Australia, I came across the unfortunate death of Max Brind, son of Edward William Henry Brind and grandson of Enos Brind of Highworth, Wiltshire, England.
Max Brind tragically lost his life on the 20 Nov 1941 aboard the H.M.A.S Sydney when it was shot down by the Japanese in WW2 with no survivors.
Max Brind is my first cousin 4 times removed with the two of us sharing Enos Brind and Mary Reynolds as common ancestors.
R.I.P Max Brind (1921-1941).
20 Nov 1941 (aged 20) MEMORIAL SITE (A structure erected in honour of someone whose remains lie elsewhere.) Plymouth Naval Memorial Plymouth, Plymouth Unitary Authority, Devon, England PLOT Panel 60 Column 2 ยท View Source
BIRTH 25 Mar 1921 New South Wales, Australia
Richard Henry BRIND Dvr. T/187682 Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) 1943 The War Graves Photographic Project
Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
Sidney S BRIND Sergeant 901284 7 Field Regt. Royal Artillery (RA) 1944 The War Graves Photographic Project
Milsbeek War Cemetery
Thomas George BRIND Lance Corporal 2662734 4th Bn. Coldstream Guards (C/Gds) 1945 The War Graves Photographic Project
Hanover War Cemetery
William Walter BRIND ?? ?? 257 Sqdn. 1943 The War Graves Photographic Project
Upper Lambourn (St. Luke) Churchyard Extension
There may be some interesting stories in the above. There is the obviously strangely named Lorraine, a bloke. But perhaps more interestingly there is Thomas G Brind, who appears to have been 55, a ripe old age for a squaddie even in 1945! He was in the Coldstream Guards. Then there is George A Brind who seems to have died in a plane crash in Gibraltar.
See also Japanese prisoners of war: drummer boys James and Freddie Brind .

HMS Trumpeter was an interesting boat. It started out as the American ship USS Bastian, an aircraft carrier. The ship was lent to the UK for the war effort. On May 4, 1945 (about the time Frederick Brind died) it took part in Operation Judgement, an attack on the U boat depot at Kilbotn, Norway.