Edward James Bethnal Green 1938 Ivy (Seabrook)
b 4/3/1915 b 5/6/1917
d 12/2/1990 d 16/8/1993
Sandra May
b 9/6/1947
Simon Scotting
b 10/1/1984
See cutting from Times about the Bethnal Green Tube disaster of 1943

Sarah Seabrook died aged 62 in the disaster. She was the mother of Ivy Brind (Seabrook)

Barry Seabrook died aged 2 in the disaster. He was the son of Ivy Brind (Seabrook)'s brother.

In the early 1990s I came across Sandra Scotting/Brind. At the time she worked in the Times circulation department. She was the daughter of the Ted and Ivy in this cutting. Her mother died shortly after it was published. I wonder if she talked to Libby Purves. We corresponded for a while but I couldn't help her much, I rarely did in those days. I wonder if her mother knew she was dying and that prompted her to (a) start the family research and (b) talk about the Bethnal Green disaster. It looks like Ivy fell out badly with her sister in law since the child she was looking after died in the accident. Jonathan Brind
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