Terrorist case studies
Reading list

20180721 The Parsons Green tube bomber
20180724 The Manchester Arena bomber
20220318 MI5 apologises for Manchester Arena
20180725 The London Bridge attack
20200130 Usman Khan
20210911 Spooky: the spook who looked like one
20211115 Liverpool taxi bomber
20170327 Never waste a good crisis?
20220120 Malik Faisal Akram, the terrorist who flew to America after MI5 gave him a clean bill of health
20220105 George Galloway lets MI5 off the hook
20181031 Hope Not Hate How come MI5 missed terrorists in banned right wing organisation
20220412 Sir David Amess MP and a short history of recent MI5 bungling
20220604 Terrorism caused by MI5 not doing its job
20220918 Islamic Human Rights: MI5 accused of exaggerating terrorist threat
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